Cleaning Your Farberware Coffee Pots

Regularly cleaning your Farberware coffee pots ensures good tasting coffee and your coffee maker working as you want it. There are build ups and residues inside the coffee maker which affects the flow of coffee in your machine.

Added to that, the residue left on the coffee pot can affect the taste of the coffee itself. So here are some tried and tested ways of cleaning the Farberware coffee pots as well.

1. The easiest to clean in a coffee maker is the coffee pot. Clean it daily to avoid residue build up. Use hot water, soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. Do not forget to clean the lid as well.

2. Clean removable parts like the permanent filter and basket as well with sponge, hot water and dishwashing liquid.

3. Dispose any leftover ground coffee and used coffee filter.

4. Mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water in the water reservoir and run two cycles. In the middle of the second cycle, turn the coffee maker off and let the vinegar solution sit for about 15 minutes before finishing the entire cycle.

5. Replace vinegar solution with clean, cold water and run two cycles to get rid of the smell and the vinegar deposits.

Another thing, to keep Farberware coffee pots dry, leave them open when not in use. It is advisable to clean your coffeemaker at least once a month to ensure great tasting coffee and to keep the machine in tip top shape. But the coffee pot reservoir must be cleaned once a day.

Farmville Tip Guide – 3 Tips For a Successful Farm

In order to be a successful farmer on Facebook's Farmville, you need to get your mitts on a quality Farmville tip guide. There are any number of guides out there in cyberspace, so you want to be somewhat selective in your choice of one. With an arsenal of great tips under your belt, you'll become the envy of all your friends with your awesome farm. All your friends willl beg you for the secret to your success! Here are three great tips to help you get started:

1. Pick Your Crops respectively

What does it mean to pick your crops accordingly? A smart farmer knows what seeds to invest in and what crops to plant. A not-so-smart farmer has no idea how crucical this is! Each and every crop has three factors to consider: cost of seed, maturity time (or the time the crop takes to go from seed to harvest), and overall profits. To find the crop that will give you the best return, take the profit and dividend it by the time it takes to mature. This way you can tell which crops will perform better in the long run!

2. Design Your Farm With Efficiency In Mind

This should seem like pretty obvious advice. If you have a small farm, you need to plan your space accordingly. Put all your animals in one smaller area so you'll have more room for crops. If you farm is small, a good tip is to plant peas. They only take a day to mature and they pay out very well!

3. Purchase Buildings Whenever Possible

If you account can handle it, build up your experience points by purchasing buildings. The math works out that your experience points equal approximately 1% of the value of the building.

Top T-Shirt Design Tips – 5 Secrets For Perfect T Shirt Text (Plus One Bonus!)

If your funny t-shirts are turning out funny-looking, the problem may be your text. No matter how awesome your cool t shirt designs are when you imagine them, if your text is poorly designed, your shirts will always look unprofessional. But do not fear! With these 5 tricks of professional graphic designers, you can quickly turn those amateur custom shirts into perfect and polished works of t shirt art.

T-Shirt Design Secret # 1: Choosing the Right Font
When choosing a font for your shirt text, make sure to pick one that supports your message. For example, if you're designing a funny t shirt, choose a font that has a funny feel to it. If you're designing a sexy t shirt, choose a font that has a sexy feel to it. And if you're designing at shirt for a serious, professional law firm, you probably do not want to use that font with letters shaped like kittens.

While this may sound like common sense, many new t shirt designers and would-be t entrepreneurs entrepreneurs skip this step and just pick any standard font they might have lying around. Unfortunately, it's obvious in their results; what could have been a fun t shirt design ends up being boring and amateur-looking. If you're careful to choose a font that represents the content of your words, however, you can avoid this fate and your shirts will always be one step ahead of your competition.

T-Shirt Design Secret # 2: Tracking and Kerning
Most of the time, when font text is typed into a computer program, the spaces between the letters and words are a little uneven, and often a little too wide. This extra and uneven space not only makes your text look a bit awkward and unprofessional, it also makes it slightly more difficult to read because the words do not visually hold together as units. Even if the viewer does not notice it, the eye and the brain have to work a bit harder and that extra bit of difficulty gives the viewer a subconscious feeling of unease.

Fortunately for the novice t shirt designer, this problem can be addressed by a combination of tracking and kerning, which are simply two methods of adjusting the spacing between letters.

Tracking has to do with adjusting the average spacing of letters across entire words, sentences, or selected ranges of letters. By adjusting the tracking, the t shirt artist can either decrease the average spacing between all the letters in the selected range (making the spacing "tighter"), or else increase the average spacing ("opening up" the text), depending on what's needed. Since the raw, unadjusted spacing variates from font to font, you'll have to decide which one is needed for your particular t shirt design. But a good trick used by professional t shirt designers is to start out by tightening the font too much (so the letters are too close together) and then slowly increasing the tracking until the words look right.

Kerning is very similar to tracking, but with one important difference: instead of adjusting the average spacing across an entire range of letters, kerning only adjusts the spacing between two letters at a time. This allows a greater degree of control than tracking, and allows at shirt artist to fine tune the spacing between single letter pairs that still do not look quite right, even after the text has been tracked.

In general, the best practice is to use tracking to get the entire range of letters in at shirt slogan to look pretty good, and then use kerning to fine tune the spacing between letter pairs until your shirt text looks perfect.

T-Shirt Design Secret # 3: Word Spacing
Once the letters of at shirt slogan have been properly tracked and kerned, the next important step is to adjust the spacing between the words. Adjusting word spacing is very similar to tracking and kerning – in fact, it's done exactly the same way as kerning and is really just kerning the spaces between words rather than letters – but the rule of thumb for proper spacing between words is a little different, and so word spacing is a whole step itself.

In general, the best practice when adjusting spacing between words is to visualize the width of a lowercase "L" in the font that's being used, and then make the space between each word that wide. This means that the width of the spaces between words will be different from font to font (because the size of the lowercase "L" is different from font to font), but it also means that the spacing will be custom designed for the font in question. Creating the proper amount of space between words will support the effects of your tracking and kerning, thus helping your words to hold together better as separate visual units and improving readability.

T-Shirt Design Secret # 4: Leading, aka "Line Spacing"
Another place that new t shirt designers often go wrong is in the leading, or "spacing between lines of text." Leading – which is pronounced like the metal "lead" rather than like a "leader" taking people somewhere – goes back to the days of the printing press, when a person would actually use small, thin pieces of lead to create vertical space between the lines of type. These days, of course, computers handle the leading for us. Unfortunately, when it comes to t shirt text, they often handle it poorly.

When at shirt slogan is typed into a computer program, it often starts out with a little too much space between the lines. This helps make the text look very "fonty" rather than natural, as well as making the t shirt design (and the designer) seem very amateur. With just a small change to the leading, however, that same t shirt text can be made to look very tight and professional.

With leading, the goal is to create enough space between the lines of text so they fit nicely together and do not interfere with one another, without creating so much space that they look artificial or become difficult to read. The eye should be able to easily jump visually from one line to the next without losing its place, and without any effort at all. While there is no real rule of thumb for the proper amount of space between lines, at shirt designer who begins adjusting the leading will quickly learn to "feel" when it's right. In general, the best way to start is to decrease the amount of leading – tightening the space between the lines – and then keep tweaking it up or down until it feels visually balanced. When it looks natural and reads smoothly, your t shirt slogan is one step closer to the big time.

T-Shirt Design Secret # 5: Phrasing, aka "Line Breaking"
Phrasing has to do with where at shirt designer changes to break the lines of text, and is yet another aspect of good t shirt design that's often overlooked. Many new designers will just type in their text at the size they want, and pay no attention to which words the lines end on, and how those line breaks affect the t shirt's readability. More often than not, these results in at shirt that reads predominantly and feels amateurish.

For example, a poorly line-broken t shirt slogan might look something like this:

I'm not a
doctor but I play
one in real

As you can see, it's a little difficult to read this slogan because the semi-random breaking of logical phrases and groups of ideas causes both the eye and the brain to work harder to make sense of it all, and the result is the t shirt slogan ends up feeling choppy. With a little more thought and effort put into breaking the lines at natural points in the text, however, we end up with this:

I'm not a doctor
but I play one
in real life

Suddenly, the t shirt slogan flows naturally and is much easier to read. By keeping the logical sentences together together, you can create a much more natural visual rhythm to your t text text, and the reader is easily able to process the t shirt's message without having to fight against poor phrasing to understand it.

T Shirt Design Secret # 6: A Bonus Tip (Because I Like You)
Once you've applied these 5 secrets of the t shirt design professionals, you'll find that your shirt text already looks much better and more professional than it did when you started. Unfortunately, you'll probably also find that you've been watching at your text for so long, it's become difficult to really properly judge its improvement. Such is the life of at shirt artist! But do not panic! The professional graphic designers have a couple more tricks up their sleeves that will help you overcome this professional hazard.

To check the spacing of your t text text and make sure that it's really perfect, you can:

  • Look at your design upside down. If you see any spaces that look uneven or inconsistent, fix them.
  • Look at your design reflected in a mirror. If you see any spaces that look uneven or inconsistent, fix them.
  • Print out your design on a piece of paper, hold it up to a light source, and then look at your text from the back of the page. If you see any spaces that look uneven or inconsistent – you guessed it – fix them.

By doing any or all of these three strange things, you force your eyes and your brain to pay attention to the empty spaces between the letters rather than trying to read the words themselves. The words become abstract shapes to your brain, and you, the t shirt artist, are free to properly judge the empty spaces between the words.

And That's It!
As you can see, professional t shirt text design is really just a matter of creating text that not only supports your message, but also presents it in a way that is visually balanced and nicely spaced. By properly applying these t shirt design tips, your t shirt text will be much nicer to look at, easier to read, and miles ahead of all those amateur t shirt designs hitting the market. And, most importantly, your funny t shirt designs will finally be funny in a good way.

4 Quick Tips to Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Not all diabetics take insulin. Most Type 2 diabetics use oral medications and diet to control their blood sugar levels. So what do you do when you have a high reading and need to bring it down quick? Try one of the following tips and bring your CBG back to normal.

No. 1: Drink 1-2 eight oz. glasses of water:

Water dilutes glucose in the bloodstream and helps your CBG reading to go down. The extra water in your system will also cause urination. This will flush your kidneys and remove the excess glucose from your body. Do not exceed the 1-2 glass rule, to prevent a rapid drop in blood sugar. Recheck CBG in 15 mins.

No. 2: Exercise for at least 10 mins.

Exercise causes the body to use the readily available sugar for energy. In order for the exercise to be beneficial, you must move continuously for at least 10 mins. You only need to use mild to moderate exercise. Remember to test yourself afterwards, too much exercise can send your sugar level down low.

No. 3: Have a protein snack.

Protein is a blood sugar stabilizer, slowing the body’s absorption rate. By slowing the absorption rate of glucose, protein prevents the highs and lows of a fluctuating blood sugar. Readily available sources include peanut butter, cheese, or last night’s leftover chicken. All you need is just a tbsp. of peanut butter or 1 oz. of cheese or 1 piece of chicken do not overdo it. As always, check yourself again in 15 mins.

No. 4: Eat an apple.

Apples serve as another source of blood sugar stabilizer. No one is sure what makes the apple so good at its job, but when it comes to lowering your CBG, one is all you need. In fact just one apple a day can help increase your glucose control. Some people believe the pectin in an apple is the key, while others believe the malic acid is the glucose stabilizer. Either way eating a whole apple will lower your CBG reading.

It is very important to remember to retest your blood sugar 15 mins. after using one of the above tips. You can have a rebound effect and drop too low, especially after prolonged exercise. The best protection against high CBG’s is to test often, take your medication as prescribed, follow your recommended carbohydrate plan, and exercise daily.