13 thoughts on “Hair Color Ideas on African-Americans According to Skin T… : Style Tips for African-American Hair

  1. Actually dark colors to me wash your skin out and darken your complexion even more. I have experimented with a range of colors and lighter tones tend to look better with my dark skin and I get the most compliments!

  2. Black is not a race it's a color secondly women in general need to stop bashing each other and segregating beauty to be better than one another like seriously when did we start determining our beauty based on our complexions that is so out

  3. I was really hoping this would discuss skin 'tones' and colour matching in more detail. There's a difference between skin tone and skin colour (e.g. some people have dark skin with warm reddish undertones, but some have cooler yellowish undertones.  Accordingly there are different tones of hair colour – e.g. Ash blondes vs Warm blondes. Its a fallacy that 'dark skin' girls can't find a marching shade of blonde – it seems to be all about finding the right tone. I've broadly figured out that cooler hair colour tones suit me more than warmer tones, but it would be really good to see some examples of black women with different skin TONES with different hair colours and tones. Not just the usual light skin/dark skin divide.  

  4. I'm sorry I didn't know that my skin color or anyone else's determined what colors are considered "okay" for me. And to the stylist, why won't you take some of your own advise and fix that weird blonde mess on your hair

  5. skin tone my ass!! if u want to wear it then do it ive seen the darkest people wear blond and it looked edgy and ive see the lightest of people wear black. i feel that this is a myth perpetuated by black people and im not falling for it so im going hot pink all over!!! with bright ass blond streaks!!

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